*Silver Star Girl* (silverstargirl) wrote,
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To An Untouchable Dream

Sitting across the room,
A ghostly sigh.
Falling into a black abyss,
I see no hope.
My feet stand tied
to a flaming ground.
My heart lies bleeding
upon the embers.
My soul has shattered,
my mind turned ice.
I am empty.
Hope has flown away
on the wings of starlight.
The truth cuts deep.
A single step too late--
I ache for him.
Sad eyes tell the story
of a broken heart.
Truth is sugar-coated pain.
My every emotion
turned to ashes.
The love, the desire long felt
has now been lost to me.
Yet in my mind he remains--
an ever-constant reminder
of a forbidden hope--
an untouchable desire.
The rain pours down
echoing the tears
which fall within my heart,
my mind, my soul, my life.
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