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*Epitome of Perfection*

Thine eyes enchant me, capturing my very soul
with the brilliant light shining from within thy heart.
Thine eyes, two spark'ling pools of light from heaven,
tempt all who see them with their brilliant embers.
Thy voice enraptures me with it's sweet melody;
It banishes the darkness, turning night to day.
Gentle and deep, it soothes away my agony,
leaving me in ecstacy and longing for thee.
Thy graceful movements, like a bird soaring through time,
take my breath away, leave me aching for more.
The fluidity of thy dance awakens spring,
causing birds to sing and my spirit to rejoice.
My body trembles with longing for just one touch
from thy ever-so beautiful hands of power.
Just one moment in time is all I ask of thee.
My heart cries out for thee, my soul longs for thy love.
O! If only I could hold thee, kiss thy sweet lips,
My soul would fly to heaven knowing true beauty.
If only we were destined to be together.
I curse fate for keeping thy love away from me.
O! What joy I would feel within thy warm embrace.
I would give anything to have thee in my life.
Thou art my reason for life, my reason to live.
Thou art my love, heart, soul, and every desire.
Without thee, I would be nothing, an empty shell.
With thee, I would bloom into a brilliant flower,
growing more beautiful with every passing day.
Please, I beg of thee, love me and let me love thee.
Do not let this love I hold disappear tonight.
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